SSIS Change Text File Column Delimiter in Text Editor

Ever want to change delimiter in SSIS Package without needing to open up BIDS?

Quick Ctrl+H and change out

_x0009_ Represents Tab Character
_x007C_ Represents Vertical Bar Character
_x002C_ Represents Comma
Set Delimiter to TAB ( \t )
<DTS:Property DTS:Name=”ColumnDelimiter” xml:space=”preserve”>_x0009_</DTS:Property>
Set Delimiter to Vertical Bar ( | )
<DTS:Property DTS:Name=”ColumnDelimiter” xml:space=”preserve”>_x007C_</DTS:Property>
Set Delimiter to Comma ( , )
<DTS:Property DTS:Name=”ColumnDelimiter” xml:space=”preserve”>_x002C_</DTS:Property>


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