Dear Macbook… It’s not you… It’s me!

Dear Apple,

I just dont think its working out between us. Maybe we need some time apart….Of course you are beautiful, you’re even thinner than before. You’ve been working out, you’re thinner, sleeker, multi-touch and omg, look how big your new drives are. There are just certain things I want right now…..Maybe we can see how things work out in February? 

So that’s my Dear Apple letter… Steve and his gang of turtle-necked morons have irritated me to no ends today. Given that the economy just took a crap, I find it absolutely moronic that Apple raises prices on the Macbook line of laptops. I am fiending to replace my current macbook with a new version.  The thing is apart from looks, there is no reason for me to replace my current macbook. 

My annoyances with the  latest iteration of the macbook are: lack of blu-ray, lack of blu-ray, the fact that the illuminated keyboard is not present in the 2.0GHz (entry-level) model, the removal of the mini-dvi port which I went out and bought adapters for, and that my trusty old firewire port is gone (i knew it was coming, but … I just wasn’t ready).

I will grow into liking this machine as I do most apple products, but using one piece of aluminum is not gonna pry $200 dollars from my pocket, given current economic environment. 

To be fair; I do think the new design is beautiful, and I really do like the fact that the trackpad is multi-touch, and larger (A trend I wish Dell or other PC manufactures would follow). However, this is just not what I am looking for right now. 

On the bright side, each time I am disappointed by the new line of machines, I am that much closer to the day when the blu-ray machines are released.


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